Single Diamond Stud Earring Yellow Gold for Women

Friday, April 22nd, 2016 - Jewelry

The single diamond stud earring yellow gold is flawlessly rich, both formal and easy. They will look right in any social setting and whenever on the day. Overall planned hoops for regular wear. The back lock turns open and the gold ‘fish snare’ molded wire slides pleasantly into your ear. The gold is decent, and the pearls are immovably attached underneath a little precious stone stress at the wire pearl association point. A solitary eyelet screw goes into every oval formed pearl and the connection connection to the wire is secure. Pearls have a pleasant brilliance and mine are to a degree brilliant, more than white. The pearls are an immaculate shape, no markings on them at all and despite the fact that the precious stones are so few you can scarcely see them, the setting is truly tasteful.

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single diamond stud earring yellow gold

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