How to Stay Looking Young and Beautiful?

Saturday, June 18th, 2016 - Blog

How to stay looking young?

Is a question that is always present when you’ve felt not young again. Keep your dressing style can help you look younger or vice versa. Make sure your fashion choices doesn’t make you look older. There are very few things to consider.

How to stay looking young and beautiful? And how to avoid and keep your style appear more youthful?

Do not use a belt!

How to Stay Looking Young and Beautiful

Your efforts in hiding the waist in loose and boxy silhouettes will make you end up looking older. You need to make sure to choose a belt that can work for almost any type of body. In addition to these few things, decide for yourself if the skinny belt wider or better for your proportions. But stop hiding your waist under the fabric loose.

Do not pursue all the trends!

Jenners - Khloe Kardashian Inspired Outfits

Appearance featuring a mix of current trends and timeless staples are definitely the way to go when you want to keep your current style. Accumulate too many trends in single display may end up making you look a little desperate, so will definitely backfire if your goal is not to attract attention to your age.

Caution in choosing colors.

Elizabeth and James Olsen Twins - Choosing Colors

The important part in finding the best for any age is avoiding colors that wash you out. This is also one of the major fashion mistakes that make you look older. You can’t just forget about color and stick to black, because it will also describe your age. You need to focus on finding the nuances that make your skin look brighter and not dull.

Don’t wear Cardigans!

Britney Spears's Cardigans!

This is paramount. You wear it with the regular way or especially tied at the neck or hips. Don’t get you wrong in wearing it, even though in home. Cardigans instead of the most flattering choice since cardigan lack shape. So just replace it with a more structured alternative such as a jacket or blazer.

Hopefully some of these things can be the answer of the question “how to stay looking young?“.